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Retail Bulk Products
Sold by the Yard
A: Premium compost produced with a proprietary inoculate. Broad range of Micro and Macro nutrients.

B: Windrow compost, light weight and stable. $30.00
C: Static pile compost, higher clay content, great water holding capacity. $25.00

Potting Soil
1/3 Compost, 1/3 Hardwood Fines, 1/3 Aged Pine Bark Fines. Screened, well drained and highly absorbent.

Made with Compost A
Made with Compost B

Garden Soil
1/2 Premium Compost A , 1/2 Top Soil. Perfect for raised beds and vegetable gardens, rich in nutrients and ready to plant.

Top Soil $18.00
Fill Dirt $5.00
Clay $5.00
Grapple truck pick up
Pick up and remove debris
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Mulch Installation
Certified Playground Material, Pine Bark, Colored Mulches, Cypress, Eucalyptus.
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Soil Installation
Install soils into raised beds, backfilling, green roofs, hard to reach locations.
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Alternative to sodding or Hydroseeding, blowing on a layer of compost and grass seed.
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Top dressing
Blowing on a thin layer of compost to a lawn to reduce irrigation and fertilizer needs
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