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Who We Are

Who We Are
Florida Organic Solutions operates a humus farm in Thonotosassa, Florida. At this facility, we receive organic materials such as yard debris, tree trimmings, scalpings, grass and leaves, stumps and other clean wood material from the community, commercial entities and municipalities. We separate, process, and blend the material to produce humus, mulches and other soil amendment products through controlled composting processes. Our goal is very simply to recycle all organic material that we receive into useable, stable and high quality soil amendment products utilizing the most responsible and environmentally friendly processes.

Our Farm
We've taken great care to develop a first class facility in terms of operational efficiency, aesthetic beauty and environmental responsibility to positively impact our neighbors and our community. In addition, we have developed a site that provides the size and scope to effectively handle large quantities of material for both daily operations and storm surges. Our farm is fully engineered, designed and constructed to exceed FDEP requirements and Florida Administrative Code statutes for yard waste composting facilities under Florida Regulations, FDEP 62-709. 

Our Thonotosassa facility is approximately 52 acres. The unique geology of the site provides an approximate fifteen foot solid layer of clay, which provides an impervious surface for total site water control when combined with our drainage systems and water retention ponds.  The facility includes a 35 foot tall by 300 foot wide grade separation wall that divides the tipping area above from the processing area below.  This grade separation provides a distinct demarcation between the customer traffic and tipping floor activities and the processing and composting areas. The lower grade elevation of the processing area shelters the visual, noise and odor elements of our operation from the community. In addition, the front entrance of the farm is camouflaged by sod-covered berms covered with landscaping that provides an aesthetically pleasing view from the exterior of our facility.

The tipping slab is an approximate 15,000 square foot concrete slab which provides us the ability to handle numerous trucks simultaneously. We have an extensive fire suppression system and full access roads along the entire boundary of the site.

Our farm has been designed and constructed to exceed all expectations of what a responsible composting facility should encompass.