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Our Mission & Philoshopy

Our Mission

Florida Organic Solutions will make every effort to reduce, reuse, recover and recycle all organic materials. Our goal is to accept nothing less than a "no waste" philosophy. We will encourage and empower others to be respectful to themselves, to others, to the earth and to all living things. We are guided by principles that affirm human potential and promote the family as the primary educator for a culture of environmental progress. As a business and as individuals we will share knowledge that will enable communities to become sustainable locally, regionally, nationally and globally. We will affirm by our actions our role as good stewards and good citizens of the World Community.

Our Philosophy

Our corporate mission continues to define all aspects of our company including the attention to detail in the development of our site, the development of our employees and the creation of a value system centered in responsibility to our community and the environment. We have created a first quality site which enables us to provide unique solutions for our community in the responsible handling of organic material. We believe that with the implementation of our site, there is now a platform which provides more appropriate methods in managing organic material and we look to partner with both private companies and municipalities that share the same goals and values centered in environmental responsibility. By conducting our business we will reduce methane generation, improve water quality, reduce unnecessary pollution, improve the quality of soils, further landfill avoidance of organic materials and drive change in the way our community views organic material management. We look forward to participating in the cleaning of our environment.